About Us


To become the choice business partner of companies and grow into an industry leader in providing job contracting, manpower and outsourcing services.


To provide well-managed and quality outsourcing services to help customers maximize productivity and improve efficiency


  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Malasakit

Our Services

Manpower Services

Following a well-defined methodology for its recruitment and selection processes, SSA provides client companies with the manpower required to perform pre-defined functions and services. After thorough screening and testing of applicants, who are sourced from SSA’s extensive network, the client is provided with candidates equipped with the required skills and competencies.

Management of Non-Core Functions

Non-core functions include facilities management, warehousing, third-party distribution, promotions, merchandising, packaging, janitorial services, and building maintenance. Also included is the administration of payroll services using an automated and efficient payroll system.

Executive Search and Career Training

SSA assists clients in their search for quality staff to fill their supervisory, managerial and executive positions. It also offers and conducts training on Career Development before and during deployment.

Our Advantage

  • Cost-effective and Cost-efficient Delivery of Outsourced Services

    SSA enjoys a number of benefits such as exemptions from value-added taxes, income taxes, and local taxes.

  • Elimination of the Cost of Continuous Training and Low Productivity due to Contracted Labor Limits

    Service providers assigned to client companies are also members and co-owners of the cooperative. Their assignment/deployment at client sites last for as long as their services are needed. This reduces the training costs of clients since member-workers do not have to be replaced every five (5) months.

  • Flexibility in Service Engagements

    Billing schedules, deployment schemes and work arrangements can be customized for each client company.

  • Competent and Self-actualized Professional Management Supported by Motivated Service Personnel

    The managers of SSA are competent professionals, bringing with them years of experience in managing business operations in various fields.

    The service providers of SSA are highly motivated. They are provided with continuous training and value education programs to boost morale, team spirit and productivity. They also enjoy a wide range of benefits aside from those mandated by law, to wit:

  • Access to innovative benefit scheme

    (Savings and loans through accredited financial partners and low-cost consumer products)

  • Health and Medical Insurance for all the members-owners/service providers
  • Dividend and Patronage Income